IT job market outlook until 2023

Projecting the future of the technological sector, the trend is that the segment will grow more and more and new positions will rise each year.

The practical advances of Digital Transformation reflected positively towards the creation of new functions in the labor market. Among them, we can highlight positions such as Data Scientist, Analyst and BI Developer. Driving adoption in companies of what is most valuable in terms of technology, these professionals represent the success behind the adoption of innovative internal policies. In order for us to understand the gradual increase in the presence of these professionals in organizations, it is necessary to delve into the real contributions of specialists in relation to the daily business as a whole.

According to a report recently published by IDC, jobs focused on technology will continue to grow until 2023. The survey also shows that only in 2020, full-time positions in information and communication technology will be responsible for 55.3 million positions in the job market. The figures presented symbolize an increase of 3.9% compared to 2019.

The favorable results demonstrate the urgency of adapting the companies' operations, regardless of their size, to the new way of seeing the use of data and innovative solutions. It is not by chance that the experts forecast that there will be 62 million jobs in the sector by 2023, with an annual growth rate of 3.8%.


The consolidation of data as an object of value

In recent years, executives have seen a radical change in the perception of users about the use of their personal data. As a reflection of this search for more transparency and security, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) is about to come into force this year. In order to preserve the reputation and fiscal health of companies, the responsible use of information stored, manipulated and passed on has become essential.

It is in this context that Data Scientists play a major role. They are in charge of establishing standards and correlations between the materials collected, thus, assigning predictive models as a method of correlating events, thus establishing similarity of situations and with a certain degree of certainty anticipating business decisions and results.

Depending on this professional means including a strategic perspective in accordance with the new legal obligations and, in addition, maintaining systemic operations in harmony with Digital Transformation and its aspects. In addition, LGPD was also responsible for creating the position of DPO, Data Protection Officer, which is already being studied by several companies.


Mindset change should not stop

Considering the data mentioned above and the importance of the functions reported, it is always essential to point out that nothing will be accomplished if there is no general change in how the operational activities should be conducted by the responsible executives. Embracing the implementation of new positions is not simply following a market trend, but including your company on a new level of production and competitiveness.

Demystifying the notion that technology came to replace human material, the IDC projection proves that the effect is just the reverse: more and more, new functions will be filled by trained professionals, extending the range of possibilities for those seeking opportunities in the sector.

Can you already identify if your company is in harmony with the favorable consequences of Digital Transformation?