Infrastructure / Infrastructure


Vermont has proven experience and capability to build and maintain large scale sites, Vermont is the pioneer in this type of activity. It provides service and/or consultancy for projects which requires high performance and total availability of platform to your clients. Making important investments, Vermont has successes cases on the idealization, construction, availability and maintenance of model sites. With proved expertise, it provides all infrastructures necessary to operate a Contact Center.

The ideal combination of Engineering/Architecture projects for a building installation, compatible infrastructure, technologies, managed services of Help Desk (24x7) and managed Services of prevent corrective and predicted Maintenance (24x7), allows Vermont Infrastructure supply to the customers, in a form of leasing: Work Positions (WPs) and service positions (SPs) with the highest level of availability, quality and with de required quantity. Nowadays there are more than 3.000 positions built and working.

All projects (Architecture, electrical installation, Hydraulic installation, air conditioning, CFTV, Executive, etc.), built by Vermont for the “sites” of “Contact Center” complies what determinates the “Regulatory Norm - RN” of Ministry of Labour and Employment, and the “sites” strictly have:


  • Primary Electric Cabin
  • Green Mountain Generators (GMGs)
  • No Breaks Systems
  • Central Air Conditioning System
  • Data Center
  • Structured Cabling System
  • Medical ambulatory and nursing ward
  • Reception
  • Chill out areas
  • Training rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access control systems (entrance and exit of people with  access turnstile and electronic point)
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) records and saves the images.
  • Fire Alarm System, Hydrants System


 All those cares consecrate Vermont Infrastructure and provides maximum satisfaction to all its customers.