Sales / Contact Center


Telemarketing Receptive and Active 

Selling and/or monitoring sales by telephone, such in B2C environment as B2B.



Schedule Commercial Visits (lead generation

Powerful tool to sales increase. It creates a previous contact with the prospects and works as a motivator for the sales team, making the prospects more receptive, rising the chances of deal. Besides it optimizes your sales team; it works as an audition tool, ensuring that all the scheduled customers are effectively visited and the final result of the contact.



Cross e Up Selling 

Maximization of the services structures for the sales opportunities related to the business.  Sale of products and/or services related between themselves (cross) and sale of updates, supplements, and upgrade of a determined product and/or service (up).



Welcome Call 

Welcome service to new customers, checking the satisfaction rate of the buying, installation, and operation process of the product and/or service.



Order Entry 

Nowadays the agility to answer the orders is an important differential in the market. Solutions of order capture, by PDA’s, notebooks and others have become commodities in this market. Order Entry is a complement to those solutions, offering contingency to those mobile services, allowing the sellers to do not stop assisting their customers or be delayed at transmitting their order on account of break and/or failure of the equipments. The team is trained, they receive the orders by telephone and type them in front ends that replies the same business rules. Those capture order are forwarded to the company’s servers, assuring the delivery SLA’s  of the order.




Specialized services of call Center, geographic analysis and the delivery to the most close points of where the solicitation was made. It Guarantees a standard for efficiency and service. A satisfaction rate and complaints research can be made.