Service / Contact Center


Vermont provides solutions in multichannel service, through the telephone, email, chat and social networks, offering services in Portuguese and other languages. Consolidates and analyzes the data, history and tendencies of each customer, creating strategically information.  It has an experienced and motivated team that maps and understands each customer’s business in order to offer the best customized solutions. Vermont has flexibility to operate in several contracting modalities with possibilities to implement operations in its own facility or in the Customer’s facility.


Customer Care (SAC)

Vermont provides personated and multichannel services (telephone, fax, e-mail or chat) that fulfill the customers and users expectation who express the need of:  

  • Complete Transactions
  • Order Information
  • Clarify Doubts
  • Receive and tabulate criticism and suggestions
  • Obtain support with suitable tools for social network operations


Technical Support

Vermont provides services of technical support to customers of technology products and others, guiding the use, adjustment, calibration, repairs, and updates, in order to solve specific technical problems of a product, through experienced analysts.



Help Desk

For local or remote services, Vermont offers all kind of Call Center personated by levels services, solving the users’ problems of technology platform, operating system or data bases, with prioritization and severity, according to ITIL Methodology. It feeds a knowledge base, provides Consulting and Management in Infrastructure and SLA.



Acting in a specific way, with its own customized system, intelligent and modern processes, Vermont assists its customers with short or medium period of time tasks, such as: 

  • Quality and Satisfaction Researches
  • RSVP
  • Build, treat and update customers’ records
  • Support to Campaigns
  • Social Network Monitoring


Face-to-Face Service

Face-to-Face Service is the personal attention given to the customers/users of a determined product/service, in a face to face way. This is the moment where the companies’ strategies meet the abilities of the attendant and the customer’s needs. 



After deal with eventual failure in the company’s products and/or services, the customers seek a neutral interface, capable of serving them in an efficient and effective way, which assures that those difficulties will not repeat themselves. The Ombudsman acts as a last instance channel of relationship with the customer attempting to solve their problems with the companies.



Service available for employees, service provider, or suppliers of a determined Company have a way to confidentially report the real or possible misconduct, or violation of the Business Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy.



Back Office

Activities of Back Office of the Customer Service, automating critical processes, assigning autonomy to the analysts and managing processes with predefined SLA´s. Focused in the operational efficiency and optimizing the costs, streamlines the solutions to the Customers and release the attendants to new calls.




It is a Call Center’s action, where the specialized agents gather information about the acceptance/rejection of the products/services sales, documenting the process and ensuring the legality of the monitored actions.




It is an action directed to the consumers/users that in some way resigned or are about to resign the company. The agent identifies the reason of the resignation, argues and treats the objections, aiming the retention the consumer/user and recovers their confidence.




In a market that evolves quickly every day the success of each company depends on the correct and trustful information. The market research guided to the sales effort, after sales, selection and customer retention, helps to rationalize the strategic decisions to prevent new customer’s behavior. At an operational level, data collection and analysis raise the efficiency of the action plans in every level, since the development until the implementation.




Benchmarking studies avail and compares, under the final customer’s perspective the strategies and the companies’ relation channels with the competitors’, beside highlights the best market practices. Considering market tendencies, this solution contributes with the company in a distinguished position, which assures a long term relationship with customers.