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We are the relationship management as a competitive advantage of businesses.

We listen, understand, and interact.

We understand that our interactions co-create brand-building through experiences that promote relationships with their customers.

We collaborate with companies that strategically place the customer in the Center of Decisions, as we place them in the Spotlight so that they help us to interpret the market from their desires and perspectives.

Only customization can make us a valuable source of data and strategic information for decision making.

Flexibility is one of our greatest values.

Sensible strategies, adaptable to different complexities, technologies, and channels, combining automation and human resources, with the possibility of expanding and reducing in size are the main characteristics of our projects.

We adopt new technologies for an efficient and great service, but we have as a premise the joint mapping of the business, the market, and the customer journey so that we can tailor tools and platforms.

We handle everything as communication processes and define indicators where success is measured by customer comfort.

Comfort is another important value that we apply to our business.

We serve the customers wherever they are, however they want and assuring them about their data and making them feel confident about the solution that will be provided in an agile and satisfactory way.

In order to do this, we invest heavily in infrastructure, we have strategic partners for IT integration to achieve the necessary capillarity with a multichannel service.

That is how we guarantee excellence in service level and that is why we are an integral part not only of the company's strategic decision-making but also of the purchase decision of its customers.


About Vermont

“We listen, understand and interAct”

Vermont has existed since 1996 and its premise is:

“To be an integral part of the market and customers' strategic decision-making process, supporting them directly”.

24 years ago, the company started with a focus on structured Help Desk, to meet the demands of a group of Technology companies, of which it was a part. With the growing demands of its customers and the changes in the market generated by the creation of the Consumer Statute and the privatization of Telecommunications in Brazil, Vermont has made significant investments in the acquisition of modern infrastructure and technologies, as well as in the sophistication of its processes and mainly in the qualification of its human resources. It also started offering other types of services and today it is positioned on the following fronts:

  • Vermont XCenter: Center of modern interactions that promote relationship experiences. Contact Center solutions that rely on technological advances in service and that adapt to the needs of an increasingly demanding and connected customer;
  • Technology Solutions: Designed through a portfolio that ranges from software factory, mapping, and modeling of business processes (BPM) to Service and Help Desk. With technical skills and advanced programming languages. Our goal is to incorporate technology into our business so we can stand out with our deliveries;
  • Infrastructure: With proven expertise and know-how for building and maintaining large-scale job sites, Vermont is a pioneer in this type of solution. With compatible infrastructure, and managed Help Desk services, in 24x7 scales, preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance managed services, allow Vermont a high degree of knowledge and availability, as well as quality to offer solutions like this to the market.

Vermont strategically places its customers in the Decision Center, as it understands that the customer must be in the Spotlight. With that established, the company believes that it is simpler to interpret the market based on the costumers’ wishes and perspectives.

With a highly competent management board and with skills that unite the two main skills: soft skills and hard skills, Vermont has been making its way over these years and delivering more than solutions that fit the needs of its customers, but, delivering partnership, personalization, and flexibility.

Vermont believes that only customization can make a valuable source of strategic data and information for customer decision making. In addition to that, the company relies on the Business and Relationship vision it delivers to the market, using Technology as one of the paths and as the basis for the pillars of Technology, People, and Experience.

More than just a service provider, Vermont is an integral part of its Clients, actively participating in the management and continuous improvement of their business and processes.