Expand your infrastructure and reduce costs

8,000 m² area. Infrastructure available to offer to your business the best conditions in terms of CONTACT CENTER and BACK OFFICE services.

If your company needs expansion, or if you are looking for an opportunity to change your current structures in terms of CALL CENTER, SITE DISASTER, TRAINING ROOMS and MEETINGS, in a safe and stable environment, please, contact us. We’ll present you our Infrastructure, technical plan and commercial conditions.

Our new site is fully equipped according to NR 17 rules, modern furniture, structured cabling, data center based on AVAYA technology, and plugged to the main telecommunications companies, supported by 4 STEMAC generators,  primary cabin, No-breaks, central air conditioning, reception lounge  and parking,  we also have a large area wich contains a Training and Support Center and a large relaxing area.

We offer a professional management structure, which includes Help Desk services (24x7) and preventive and corrective maintenance services (24x7), in terms of location of service positions (PA's) and work positions (PT's).