Clear and modern, Vermont has just released its new Home Page

With a new look from July 2016; Vermont’s new website main goal is convenience of access information about Institutional and Solutions of Contact Center, Technology and Infrastructure, in a friendly, agile and intuitive way to its public.

In 2015, Vermont presented its new logo in an event promoted to its customers, prospects and partners when announced company merger with WA Marketing Interativo, also the Contact Center, and the new look of the home page come to reinforce even more the brand's visual identity, with its colors, icons and concepts.

For our customers, one of the home page’s news is the restructuring of the Customer’s Portal, which became faster and safer to Access strategic data and relevant information of your operations live.

The new version was created by Vermont itself and comes with a serious Professional effort, which in its view will reach positive results. Vermont keeps seeking to provide each Day more services that meets the needs of each one of its customers.