Vermont’s New Commercial Board

Jane Almeida takes on Vermont's Commercial and Marketing Board.



The executive has the challenge of integrating the Commercial and Marketing areas, as well as applying strategies to increase sales and to get closer and closer to the company's entire client portfolio. With a profile geared towards reaching goals, the InterActions of Jane's management seek Co-Creation with customers to provide the best experience for consumers.


“I create relationships to generate business in a sustainable way, placing the client at the center of Vermont's decisions, just as we do with their clients in our projects, through Vermont XCenter”, points out Jane, Vermont's new commercial director.


The executive has a history of more than 15 years developed in the Marketing area, supporting the company's institutional image and strategies for new business. Recently leading the construction and communication of the new brand positioning and business value proposal.



Some of the many challenges that Jane will face are:

  • Position XCenter Operations as an agent for improving the business processes of our customers and prospects through proactive attitudes using BI and AI techniques;
  • Analyze, define and implement the Sales and Marketing strategy and process;
  • Evaluate and implement the best market practices according to the needs and expectations of our customers;
  • Increase the reach and constant improvement of the brand;
  • Integration between the Marketing and Sales areas;
  • Plan and execute solutions focused on expanding the business with current customers.


With a Social Communications Degree (emphasis in Advertising), Jane has worked at Vermont since 2009, since then she took over the management of the Marketing area and played the role of leader of this area, but since the challenges do not stop there, starting from October 5th, the professional takes on the Commercial and Marketing Director role of Vermont, with the objective of uniting and bringing more Marketing to Sales.


Jane, who has a degree and an MBA in sales, is excited and optimistic about her new position at Vermont.


“I feel prepared to lead alongside the entire board, implementing strategies, and proposing solutions so that our commercial area gets increasingly active in the market. Our goal is to Listen, Understand, and Interact with our customers and the market ”, points out Jane.


Over 15 years of experience in Vermont, Jane, who has followed great transformations in the company, believes that “we are on the right path to leverage more actions and projects, as well as expanding our mission with our customers and we want to be more and more with them to support decision making ”.


Vermont carries in its DNA the premise of managing the relationship as a competitive differential of the company's business.