Quality and Sustainability

Vermont actions include ethical considerations, social and environmental matters in its Corporate Projects, finding a way to coexist the development and welfare of all employees, families and communities.  

The social responsibility of a company improves its communication with the society for a simple reason: from the moment that the company is certain of its social standing it guides itself to continuous improvement of that society, this effort results in a constant straight that reinforce its concept in that same society.

The practice of social responsibility is faced, today, as a creative and new way of business management, and it is trough this mean that Vermont accomplish activities that succeeds in benefit its employees and also their families and the surrounding community.

Among the activities realized, we highlight the Collection Campaigns that Vermont promotes every year between its employees: The Campaign is in its 8th edition, and thank for the support and participations of its employees, it already donated more than 5.000 clothes to shelters and retirement homes. The destinies of the toys, also collected in Campaigns, are always directed to the most needy areas hospitals, nurseries or orphanage.