About Vermont

Vermont was founded in 1996 with a focus on structured Help Desk to comply with the demands of a Technology Companies group, from which Vermont formed a part thereof. As the demands of their customers increased and considering the Market changes originated by the creation of the Consumer Defense Code and the telecom privatization in Brazil, Vermont also began to offer other kind of services such as: Customer Care, Receptive and Active Telemarketing, Support Products and Leasing of Infrastructure of service, becoming a Call Center Outsourcing Services Company.

The increase of this portfolio and the company growth leaded Vermont to make significant investments on the acquisition of modern infrastructure and technologies, as well as sophistication of its processes and mainly, on the qualification of its Human Resources. Therefore, following loyally its mission and values, Vermont has been investing in the development and retention of its Talents through motivational programs, training and social responsibility actions, among which a structured program of Academic Development that already benefited more than 300 young college students with full scholarships allied to internship at the company. 

Beside the organic growth of its accounts, Vermont also promotes its growth and oxygenation through the acquisition of Operations and competing companies of the same sector, as long as they have similar philosophy and strategy. That was what happened with the operations of the North American Xtrasource in 2003 and, more recently, WA Marketing Interativo, in 2015. 

Beyond the Call Center services offer, Vermont has a strong expertise on infrastructure provision and management, counting today with approximately 3.000 service positions in São Paulo, totally supported by processes, high availability and safety structures and security as Data Center, a large-sized variety of generators and no breaks systems. 

More than a service provider, Vermont is an integral part of its Customers, participating actively of management and continuous improvement of its business and processes.

Facilitate the contact and the information exchange between companies and their users is Vermont’s reason of existence.

Commit with the pursuit of continuous development for meeting the needs and expectations of your Customers, Partners, Shareholders and employees, according with the indicators of the Quality Management System.

Recruit and train employees to create motivation, loyalty and productivity, making possible the career development and the improvement on their life quality.  

Ethics, Excellency, overcoming, good humor and social responsibility in its relationships are qualities of Vermont spirit.



Respect to the human being and to the Institutions, honesty, social commitment and good humor.

Deliver Commitment, Enthusiasm and Excellency.

Innovate, with simplicity and overcoming.

Hear comprehend and act! 


Social Responsibility

Allying its strategic and operational needs to a strong social vision, which is encouraged by the senior management through fortnightly meetings, Vermont promotes a series of social actions that generate a feedback to the company, to its customers, employees and to all the community that surrounds:

• PDAP – Program of Academic Development and Professional (more than 240 benefited students)

• Charitable Campaign (Clothes, Toys and Educational Material)

• Donation of equipment and materials

• Waste selective collection and recycling


Each customer is a Vermont Partner.

Our Partners are benchmarks in Brazil and worldwide. This is the dimension of our liability.

Vermont delivers to customers of various market segments, such as:

  • Software & Technology
  • Cosmetics
  • E-commerce
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Foods
  • Financial Services
  • Sporting Goods
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Communication and Market Research
  • Telecom
  • Retail

Vermont has been acknowledged by several specialized publications and institutes of consumers by its quality and international performances:

• ADVB - Award ‘Top Social’ – Case Vermont

• ABT - Bronze Award – ‘Best Technological Contribution – Case Vermont

• ABT - Bronze Award - ‘Best Customer Service Operation’ – Case Microsoft

• São Paulo City Council - ‘Title - Citizen Company’ – Case Vermont

• ABT – Golden Award- ‘Best Customer Service Operation’ – Case Microsoft

• ABT - Bronze Award - ‘Best Customer Service Operation’ – Case CPFL 

• IDG/ World Telecom – Award - ‘Best Technical Support Call Center’ - Case Vermont

• IAM&M - ‘Best satisfaction index – Case CPFL’

• IDEC ‘Best Emergency Customer Service of Energy Sector’ - Case Bandeirante Energia

• Executivos Financeiros Magazine – ‘Best Service in Website for On-line Investment”

• Case Itaú/Investa - IAM&M – ‘Highest Worldwide Satisfaction Index’ – Case Microsoft Brasil 

• Award IDG Computerworld - ‘Best Help Desk e Technical Support Company – Case Vermont

• Award IDG Computerworld - ‘Best Help Desk e Technical Support Company – Case Vermont

Vermont creates customized solutions for your business’s challenges, allying the best People Management practices, Infrastructure, Technology and Process.